AJPRODHO’s Democracy and Governance program helps to create an enabling environment for youth to learn, to grow and to contribute towards national development through democratic participation. The ultimate goal is to work collectively with other institutions, youth and policy makers to bring effective and equitable delivery of services to citizens, especially the poor, indigenous and local communities. Also, the Democracy and Governance program seeks to reinforce the rule of law and citizen security through the design of appropriate policy, legal and regulatory frameworks and to strengthen local governance institutions.

Goal: To strengthen mechanisms for active citizen participation in decision-making processes and due consideration of youth concerns.


  1. To increase dialogue and debate on Human Rights, democracy and government issues including youth
  2. To sensitize, and raise community awareness of governance and public policy among citizens, major focus on youth
  3. To foster and advocate for enhanced youth participation in public policy and service delivery monitoring
  4. To sensitize and advocate to policy-makers on youth concerns and rights violations
  5. Promote collaborative efforts to improve democracy and governance