CVR Project

What brought about the project?

Despite making up more than half of the population, young people often find themselves marginalized from mainstream politics and decision making. They struggle to gain the respect of public officials and are seen as lacking the skills and experience to engage in political activity and lead positive change in their communities. This exclusion, combined with limited educational and economic opportunities, can leave young people both idle and frustrated with the status quo. Youth need real opportunities to participate in political processes and contribute to practical solutions that advance development. When given an opportunity to organize, voice their opinions and play a meaningful role in political decision making, young people consistently demonstrate their willingness and ability to foster positive, lasting change. They also become more likely to demand and defend democracy, and gain a greater sense of belonging. The Project therefore was created in the year 2018 with funding from USAID.

What is the goal of the project?

To contribute in the increase of youth and women participation in informing public policy decisions

What is the project aim?

The project aims at raising the voice of youth and women on youth and women’s civil rights including those ratified and/or adopted by Rwanda and referenced in previous parts, but which are not fully or adequately complied with, and other public policy issues affecting the districts of operation and the country at large. The project draws from experiences of different tools developed such as the community score card and the citizens’ report cards that indicate the status of implementation of laws and policies, as well as levels of youth, women and their organization’s participation.

Who is project aiming to help?

CVR project focuses on youth and women, in the age range of 16-30 years old, the project works with 360 youth and women.

What are the areas of operation of CVR?

CVR project is working is operating in two provinces

Eastern Province; Nyagatare and Gatsibo District,

Western Province; Rulindo District