Center for Human Rights and Development (CHRD)

What led to the creation of the human rights institute?

The idea of having an institution to train young people on human rights has always been a vision of AJPRODHO, it only came into reality in 2016. Prior to 2016 AJPRODHO organized series of discussions in different high learning institutions across the country. After years of interactive debates and discussions with youth, the lack of knowledge among the youth about Human Rights needed to be addressed, it led to the creation of AJPRODHO Human Rights Institute.

AJPRODHO launched the initiative in 2016 with few class materials, plastic chairs and a tent, with the support of few experts in the field of Human Rights and Law who volunteered to train for the good cause, and GIZ funding. Today AJPRODHO Human Rights Institute has modern facilities and a wider network of volunteering lecturers; Heads of CSOs, Human Rights experts and Lawyers.


What is the goal?

The goal of the Center is to contribute to youth participation in human rights and public policy issues affecting youth and the country at large.


What are the activities of the institute?

The institute delivers trainings on a quarterly basis on Human Rights and laws to young people for 3months.

Trainings on how to campaign and advocate for Human Rights, to voice their opinions to duty bearers on their role in resolving different challenges in their communities by facilitating the trainees to participate in Human Rights campaigns.

The institute organizes learning visits at the end of the training program, they visit different government and nonprofit organizations operating in the area of human rights and social justice to ask questions, and further understand their contribution in the socio development of the country.