PD Project

Brief Overview of the Project

In partnership with Save the Children, since May 2017 up to December 2021, AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA is implementing a project entitled “Strengthening an accountable Governance that protects and delivers Children’s Rights” in Nyarugenge and Kirehe districts. The five year project intends to create a society where children enjoy their rights through an accountable government. It does so by firstly strengthening the capacity of civil society actors and children to hold the Government of Rwanda to account for children’s rights; Secondly, influencing public financing patterns to more benefit children; thirdly, strengthening child protection systems to prevent and respond to violence against children; lastly, creating changes in policies, legislations and practices at both community and central level.

 What is the goal of the project?

This project aims at empowering children and brings them together with government and non-government actors to advocate for their rights.

 What are the areas of implementation of PD?

The project operates in Kirehe and Nyarugenge districts in the following sectors:

  • Kirehe district: Gatore , Kirehe , Nyamugari , Mahama and Kigarama sectors
  • Nyarugenge: Kanyinya, Mageragere ,Kigali , Rwezamenyo and Kimisagara sector

Who are the beneficiaries of the project?

The project target beneficiaries are: Local leaders, Church leaders, Community Parents’ facilitators, Parents, Children, families, CSOs, youth, Inshuti Z’Umuryango (Friends of the Family), Child Protection committees, Opinion leaders, Urugerero, Government institutions and Private sector institutions