YEIS Project

What is YEIS project?

Youth Employability in the Informal Sector (YEIS) project is a project designed to contribute to the elimination of poverty among youth (16-30 years) dependent on the informal sector in Rwanda by increasing their technical, financial and entrepreneurial skills, ensuring access to information, financial and business services as well as facilitating them to unite in Voluntary Savings and Loans.

What brought about the project?

YEIS project is a result of the situation of the Rwandan informal economy that is large, both in absolute and relative terms: almost one million people depend mainly on the informal sector; 88% of small and medium-sized enterprises are informal. Especially young people are excluded from reasonably paid formal employment and rely on the informal economy for their livelihood. Work in the informal sector in Rwanda implies a much higher likelihood of poverty and underemployment. Close to 50% of those in informal economy earn less than 0.5 USD/day, and women earn significantly less than men.

How many people is the project reaching out to?

Directly, the project is reaching out 8,000 (70% women) Rwandan youth dependent on the informal economy, more specifically with different sub-groups of informal workers, including but not limited to street vendors, taxi bicycles, domestic workers, workers in hair salons, restaurants, and workers in tea plantations and mines.

What are the areas of operation?

Youth Employability in the Informal Sector project catchment areas are; Nyarugenge, Kicukiro, Rubavu, Nyabihu, Ngororero, Gakenke & Rulindo Districts